This game can last 30 minutes but it can also last 30 seconds, YOU decide....

Highest Card is also a great filler-game!


1. The teacher decides:  For example: Do you want to ____ ?

2. The students decide the TL for each card themselves. (advanced)

3. Use the Color Coded Cards (explain the TL for each color if needed)


1. Select the Topic cards you want to use. (make sure to select each topic card in all 5 colors)

2. Shuffle the cards and put the pile face down on the table. This is the Draw Pile.


1. Player 1 takes the top card from the pile, shows it to the other players (covering the number on the card with his/her thumb) and makes a question using the TL.

2. Next, each player picks up a card (clockwise) from the pile, covers the number and answers the question. If the card is a match (same Topic), they answer Yes, I do and if not, they say No, I don't.

3. After everybody has answered, each player (starting from player 1) shows the number on their card and says: I have x points!.

4. The player with the highest points wins the round and gets the other players’ cards.

5. The next round player 2 takes a card and makes a question.

The game continues until no more cards are left or until it's time to stop. The player with the most cards wins the game....

To turn this game into a collection of mini-conversations, the players give real information about themselves.  And try to make as many questions as possible for each Topic card. (best played with two players)

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