😊 OUR MISSION is to provide EFL/ESL games that:

🔹Can be adjusted to the level of the students.

🔹Encourage the students to listen, think and speak in English.

🔹Are easy and fun to play but continue to challenge the players.


☺️ IT ALL STARTED OFF as an attempt to teach my students HOW, WHEN, and WHY verbs change, so they could become more confident and skillful with using verbs.

The best way to get them involved, was to play games that allowed me to use do, does, did, are, is, was and were type questions.  But I needed games that would allow me to adjust the target language to the level of my students...

And "LET'S MAKE QUESTIONS!" is the result of this....

I have over 30 years of experience teaching English in Japan and have played these games with students of all levels and  ages at my school with great results. I am confident that you and your students will enjoy and benefit of LMQ as much as my students and I do.

J.P. Janssen

Trevor (Teacher, Seinan Elementary School)

"It’s a very well thought out and versatile game. Good job!"

Ryan  (Owner of Ryan English School)

"This game (teaching tool) is fantastic. It can be used to expand practice for so many structures.  The variety of games you can play using the cards means you can pick a game to slot in anywhere in a lesson, and for any level."

Matthew  (Owner of Language Card Games)

"The card game Let's Make Questions by @thinkingworldjp may be the perfect thing for your ESL classroom."