This is THE MAIN GAME to introduce new language and it is the perfect tool to sharpen your students' listening skills!!

Only the teacher makes the questions and then,  ALL  PLAYERS answer simultaneously.

If somebody makes a mistake, just repeat the question and let them ALL answer again. No need to single anybody out, they usually get it right the second or third time....


Explain what the Target Language (TL) will be. For example: Are you ____ing ___?


1. Select the Topic cards you want to use. (make sure to select each Topic card in all 5 colors)

2. Put all the blue cards in one stack (the Dealer stack) and give each player 5 cards from the remaining cards (the Player stack)


1. The dealer takes the top card from the Dealer stack, shows it to the players, uses the TL and then places the card in front of him/her face up.

2. ALL PLAYERS answer simultaneously.

Players who have one or more matching cards (the same topic, but different border color) place their card(s) in front of them in a stack and say Yes, I am.

Players who don't have any matching cards, say No, I'm not.

3. The player who can put down all cards first, wins the game... BUT "early finishers" HAVE TO continue answering  No until the Dealer has played the last card.

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