Use Dealer’s Choice to introduce new language before playing any of the other LMQ games. It is also a great warm-up game and the perfect tool to sharpen your students's listening skills.

Dealer's Choice is the only game where the teacher does all the talking and the students all answer simultaneously. (yes, that's right, they ALL answer at the same time)

So if your students can say "Yes" and "No", they are ready to play Dealer's Choice.

Note: How many cards everybody gets depends on the players. For small children, more than 6 cards are difficult to hold, but for older players and adults, 7 to 10 cards each should be no problem.

Note: When somebody makes a mistake... just repeat the question until they all got it right.... No need to single anybody out....  

The person who puts down all cards first, wins the game....  Just make sure that ALL players, including the winner(s), keep on answering the questions until the last card has been played....

Dealer's Choice


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