"TIC, TAC, TOE" an English Language Teaching Tool?  Original post September 2018

Hi there!

Today, I would like to share with you how I use "TIC, TAC, TOE" as  a tool to internalize and reinforce new target language.  (there is a quick "How To" at the bottom of this post for those who don't know how to play this game)

As always, the target language can be very basic : read a book, play volleyball, write English etc.

Or more extensive: I (don't) want to read a book,  I (don't) like to read books etc. (the students give their own opinion for each card!)

When a game has finished, the players swap cards (colors) and use the new target language in the next game....

The grammar for both players can be the same or... (what I like to do)  different for each player/color.

For example: Blue cards = I (don't) want to... and Pink cards = I (don't) like to .....

It's also a great game to introduce the students to adjectives....

List up a handful of adjectives on the board, explain them and let them choose...

(I think that) reading books is fun, playing volleyball is tiring, writing English is difficult etc. 

They usually pick it up very fast....

How to play TIC TAC TOE:

Two  players use a 3x3 grid and take turns writing down a O (maru in Japanese) or an X (batsu in Japanese)

The first player who can get three (batsu or maru) in a straight line, wins the game. This line can be a horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Instead O and X we use two different color Topic Cards, that's all!

Well, that's it for today. You can get the Tic Tac Toe "boards" on the Download page. Have fun!

Thank you for stopping by and till next time!