Everybody loves playing board games, and so do your students...  

Select the cards you want to practice, lay them out on the table, get your dice ready and you're all set to go!  

No dice? Use the good old "Janken" (rock, scissors, paper) instead....


1. The teacher decides:  For example: I (don't) want to _____.

2. The students decide the TL for each card themselves. (advanced)

3. Use the Color Coded Cards (explain the TL for each color if needed)


1. Select the Topic cards you want to use.

2. Place the cards in an interesting pattern on the table.

3. Let the players choose a game pawn or token. (I want green! etc)

HOW TO PLAY (using "Janken" style,  Rock, Scissors, Paper)

The easiest way (but not always for the teacher) is letting the students play "Janken" against YOU....

If you win: player 1 moves one space (one card)  

If you lose: player 1 moves two spaces (but must use the target language on each card)

Now it is the next player's turn.

The player who finishes first is the winner!

Speeding things up!

You win:  The student moves one space  

Draw :     The student moves two spaces  

You lose: The student moves three spaces

Or.... The students only use the TL on the card they land on, not the ones they pass on the way...

😊 For more ideas on how to use LMQ, Hop to our Blog.